My name is Sean Thomas Sullivan and I am a writer. When I was 19-years-old, I completed my first novel, queried publishers, and when Atheneum asked to see the the book, I figured my hard work had payed off. At the time, I believed writing the book was the hard work. That seems funny now, well, funny if you have a sick sense of humor. And luckily for me, I do. Anyway,  Atheneum, gave me the “thanks but no thanks” and I learned pretty quickly that Hollywood endings don’t come so easy off the big screen. But let’s not digress into a pity party here. I am still young in writer years. Raymond Chandler didn’t publish his first novel, The Big Sleep, until after he turned 50. Maybe 51. So at 48, nearly 49, I am still in the fight. And make no mistake the publishing world is much more a brawl than a business. At least I have the right name for it.



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