Word Wednesday: What’s in a name?

Although I share my name with some awesome people, I never really warmed up to it myself. Maybe the grade school teacher who pronounced it “SEEN” ruined the name for me. Really? Who names their kid SEEN?

I went to a high school of less than 200 students, in the town of Happy Camp,  and graduated two years after a very cool Sean Sullivan. He now works as a VP of engineering and often posts some of my favorite pictures on The FB.

One of the founders of 21st Amendment Brewery nearly has my name, Shaun O’Sullivan, and even uses the same nickname, Sully. Prior to starting his own brewery, he worked at Triple Rock in Berkeley, a place of which I am a big fan.

In my 20s, I received a post card from Hawaii from a woman named Ilsa or something. She missed me, but I had zero clue who she was. I searched my brain for a week trying to remember an old friend or one night stand with the name from the postcard. Finally, I reread the address and saw it was not mine, so walked five houses down to meet yet another Sean Sullivan.

Last story: about five years ago I toyed with the idea of getting back into music, so thought I might just use my name. Right? Why not? A google search led me to jazz singer/songwriter Sean Sullivan.

All this leads up to a decision regarding what name to use with my current projects and what’s in a name?

amer haiku.jpg



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