Busted Bike

I went on a bike ride today knowing my bike needed some work and guess what? Mechanical problems. Surprise, right? I share this because it so examplifies my tendency to tell myself half truths. I could blame my broken bike on luck or the mean ol’ world, but I knew the bike needed work. 

My half truth: riding a bike improves my mood. The whole truth: riding a bike in good working condition improves my mood. And as I walked my bike back to my sister’s house, I wondered how often do I tell myself these half truths? How often am I getting in my own way? 

I did get to see this great guitar over by Folsom Prison. A tribute to Johnny Cash. And in other news . . . 

If you have been following American Haiku: a road story, I added a tab on the blog that let’s you read the progression in chronological order. I realized that due to the nature of time and blogs that depending on when a reader begins they read part of the story backwards.

Whole truth: it puts a smile on my face that people have liked the haikus. Thanks .





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