American Haiku: finis

Thousands of reads from 40 countries and now the road story comes to end. Thank you to everyone who came along for the adventure, because readers contribute the key ingredient to all writing. Or as the philosopher asked, if I drop a rhyme in the forest, but no one is there to listen? 

To celebrate YAR Literary has lowered the price on the paperback to $3.59. Not sure how long that will last for, but I understand it is the least amount (without it costing us money) we can sell it for on Amazon. I am working on putting an electronic copy up too and plan on a free giveaway of that (to be announced). 

Finally, it’s New Years, so this can’t be all about endings, right? I will announce the next “Story@Large” either later today or maybe tomorrow. 

Thanks again. YAR!



Sully not so @ Large in Dodge City


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