If I Should Become a Door

Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome. In general, I attempt to be polite and punctual and somewhat reserved. I open doors and offer strangers a smile. I lead with kindness not because I mistake the world as gentle or light, but because knowing well the darkness, I hope to offer a moment of respite. 

Let me warn you that this tale, If I Should Become a Door, is not for everyone. But if you have experienced loss, if the death of a loved one leaves you searching for answers or stuck in the grief, then I hope to offer you company if not comfort. 

Let me also warn that this tale crosses into the very darkness most of us spend a lifetime avoiding. I promise, as best as I am able, to keep you out of harm’s way. Yet some pain arrives unavoidable and some arrives necessary. If you decide to pass through these doors, take care. And God speed.





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