“I didn’t even know I had a dad.”

“I don’t know my dad either.” Mary smiled. “Hey, let’s get out of here.”

She ran. I followed her out of the room, down the hall, and out into the sunlight. The brightness stung my eyes, so tears began to leak from them.

Mary nearly shouted. “Can I see?”

I slowly moved my hands. She gently poked at a tear with her index finger, which she then lifted up towards the sunlight. 

“Wow!” she murmured. “It’s more beautiful than I imagined.”

I felt an odd protectiveness over her at that moment. I cleared my throat.

“If you are ever in danger,” I began. “I’ll help you.”

She shifted her gaze from her finger to me. “I know you will, Johnny Caution!”

“I like that name.”I grinned.

“Ah crap!” Mary exclaimed. “Are you OK? I have to go. My brother’s calling me.”

“Yeah. I’m good. Thanks.”

“OK. I’ll see you soon.”

“Sorry about what I said about you being imaginary.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

She ran back inside.


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