“I have a boxing school downtown. But that won’t fix your problem of having to go to school tomorrow, will it?”

“I can’t afford . . .”



“That’s the attitude of failure. That’s why this boy thinks he can pick on you. Instead, ask me what you can do for me to pay for your lessons.”

“OK. What can I do?”

“Do you know how to use a broom?”



“But what about tomorrow?”

“I am going to borrow your fear,” Mr. King said.

“I don’t understand.”

The man tapped the base of my throat just above the “U” shaped bone. The pain made me choke, but instead of being frightened, I growled at Mr. King.

“Excellent!” he said.

“What did you do?”

“Feel that spot with your own finger.”

I did.

“It’s a button,” the man explained. “It will stop a fight before it starts. But since I have borrowed your fear, I doubt you will need to use it. Bullies don’t like to pick on boys who don’t fear them. He’ll see it in your eyes.”


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