Found Word Friday

Zero clue where I picked this up, but one of my favorite writing exercises is something I call found word poetry. And yes, it is pretty much what it sounds like. I did get one of these published a couple years ago in Australia’s Curious Record.

My tools: a 4.5 in x 3.25 in notebook and Papermate “Profile” pen, which claims to be the smoothest pen in the world. Although I like to pick a neighborhood or a coffee shop or brewery, today I will play the game at my desk.

Words I see: extra, hero, boring, happy, jest, iron, become, big-time, day, never, synecdoche, humble, tea, woman, get, smart, beats, friend, crying, standard, relaxation, revolver, ideal, bass.

Putting them together: 

Big-time boring day/ bass synecdoche/ revolver woman/ crying relaxation tea/ get beats happy/ become standard/ smart humble/ extra ideal jest/ hero friend/ never iron.

If you want to play the found word game, share what you come up with in the comments section of this post.









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