I am not everything

When Gina first met her friend, she feared him despite his small stature. Lessons taught that the non-self often brought her pain and although she wanted the lessons, she also did not want them. Gina remembered a thought: I am not everything.

Gina watched the non-self scurry back and forth as it approached. He moved with quick, anxiety-producing starts and stops. When he spoke to her, she failed to understand. His words only jumped and hopped about her.

This non-self twitched his nose and whiskers impatiently. Gina growled low in her throat. The non-self stopped, froze, and studied her a moment. He then persisted to attempt to explain something to her in a language that meant nothing to her. When the tiny non-self departed, she hoped for his return. Gina remembered: Before. After. Again.


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